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  Johannesburg Map  
  Places to visit  
  Johannesburg is the largest man-made forest with more than ten million trees planted. So what are you waiting for, book with cheap flights to the Johannesburg all the way from London for cheap fares and cheap tickets.
Don't forget to shop in the Nelson Mandela Square which offers an exhilarating shopping experience with a touch of a movie theatre, cafes, fine dining, and a range of exclusive specialty stores to African carving boutiques like masks, dolls and baskets. Take a trip to Johannesburg for a fantastic shopping experience and bring home a bit of Johannesburg to remind you of your unforgettable trip. Just click and book with Cheap Flights to Johannesburg for the cheapest fares and cheap tickets.
Johannesburg is the home to tallest and modern architectural skyscrapers in the whole of Africa. IBM, Absa and BHP Billiton are few of well known organizations in these giant buildings. Johannesburg is proud to be the home for the tallest building in Africa - The Carlton Centre. Hope on a tour to Johannesburg by booking cheap flights to Johannesburg for the cheapest rates offered. Take a helicopter ride or go to the top of the Carlton Centre to view the city's tallest giants for the cheapest fares.
Yamato, Moyo, Browns of Rivonia and Assagi are some of the award winning restaurants lined up in Johannesburg. Chefs in Motion is a famous restaurant where you can watch live performances of chefs cooking and preparing mouth watering dishes right in front of you. Sample a taste of these scrumptious delightful meals by booking Cheap Flights to Johannesburg for cheaper fares and cheap tickets.
  Hotels in Johannesburg  
  Stopovers are scattered everywhere in Johannesburg. The Grace in Roseback Hotel is on the top 10 5-star hotel list. Stay and experience the impeccable service and the deluxe d├ęcor in the hotel while enjoying appetizing meals. Be privilege to make your stay in The Grace in Roseback Hotel as it has accommodated famous stars and politicians. If you are looking for a more glamorous yet elegant hotel then accommodate yourselves at The Westcliffe. Or you could make your stopover at the African Pride Melrose Arch to experience the state of the art facilities like heated swimming pools and the luxury to dine in the waters while enjoying high tech entertainment. Apart from the mentioned, The Michelangelo, Ten Bompass and Hyatt Regency Johannesburg are other luxury hotels you can find your accommodation during your holiday.
You can also find accommodation to suit your wallets which are more economical like the Indaba Hotel, Misty Hills Country Hotel and Don Standton 1. It's not just the stopovers that will make your stay enjoyable but the surroundings will make your stay more fun and enjoyable. The Johannesburg Zoo, Carlton Center, Johannesburg Art Gallery and Melrose Shopping Arcade are some of the attractions surrounding these hotels. Make your stay homely and stylish by joining with Cheap Flights to Johannesburg for the cheapest fares and cheapest rates.
  When to go  
  Unlike many cities, Johannesburg is has a pleasant atmosphere all year around. When it comes to weather in Johannesburg, continuous thunder showers can be witnesses during the rainy season April to October, which is then followed by warm sunshine days. Johannesburg is a chilling city from July to August. Cheap Flights to Johannesburg are available all throughout the year for cheap deals and cheap rates. The festive season is the best time to visit Johannesburg for celebrations and to experience a lively culture. So get on board to enjoy some of the African festivities by booking with Cheap Flights to Johannesburg for great deals and cheap fares.  
  Travelling Around  
  Cheap Flights to Johannesburg for the cheapest fares and cheapest rates takes you to Johannesburg the fastest way. However there is a variety of domestic modes to travel around Johannesburg. Metro bus offers service from morning six to evening seven. They are efficient, comfortable and punctual. Most routes start and finish at the Gandhi Square. It is cheaper to buy tickets than buying tickets on board. You also have the chance to travel around in the Metrorail which connects with daily trains in and around Johannesburg. Metered Taxis are convenient but expensive compared to other modes of domestic travel. You also have the City Slicker is a sightseeing bus that will take you around Johannesburg.  
  Rent a car  
  You can find the cheapest deals for car rental from the point you get down from the Johannesburg International airport. You have the chance of free delivery or pick up to the airport with drivers (if requested). Hired car and driving at your own pace is the easiest way to travel around Johannesburg.  
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